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Tomboy Survival Guide: A how-to, a help-out, a sing-a-long – A Curatorial Statement by Club PuSh Curator Veda Hille

December 28, 2014

Tomboy Survival Guide, Ivan Coyote, 2015 PuSh Festival
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Tomboy Survival Guide is a new live show from Vancouver’s own Ivan Coyote with compatriots Pebbles Willekes, Allison Gorman and Sally Zori. A living breathing singing handbook on how to love the tomboy you are, and the tomboys around you.

Last year we got to present Ivan’s show Gender Failure (PuSh 2014) with Rae Spoon to two sell-out nights at Club PuSh. So, when we heard rumours of this new show, we snapped it up so we could say: “World Premiere”.  I love saying that. World Premiere.

You’ll get to see it first, Vancouver. Which is only right, given that it’s from here. And we’re pretty queer.  There are a lot of good trees to climb in this city, that’s all I’m saying. An easy place to be a good tomboy.


Veda Hille
Club PuSh Co-Curator

Due to popular demand a second late performance of Tomboy Survival Guide has been added to February 6, 2015. Book your tickets to Tomboy Survival Guide in advance now for the 8PM or the 10:30PM show at Club PuSh (Performance Works, Granville Island).