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Welcome to the 2016 PuSh Festival from the Board President

November 09, 2015

The process of change, as we all know, is incredibly difficult. Whether intentional or not, becoming something new never goes quite as planned and daily obstacles can keep hidden our final destination. But once you’ve pushed past the sharp edges… oh, the opportunities are endless and ever so exciting.

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival has gone through quite a transformation in the last year. We are now part of The Post at 750, a cultural hub rooted in the downtown core. Firmly situated, we are ready to share with you performances that will be in themselves highly transformative. This has always been PuSh’s calling card. But our work—and the role we now play in the larger community—goes beyond the performances as we look to lead conversations and initiatives that will make Vancouver an increasingly dynamic arts leader.

The board of directors at PuSh has gone through its own transformation and strengthening. We recently welcomed nine new directors to our fold. And this changing of the guard has in many ways completed the transition of our governance structure from the founders and their contemporaries to a new generation of directors with the diversity of skills and passion necessary to support the new strategic goals of PuSh’s continued evolution.

The PuSh Festival is something more than anyone ever imagined it could be when it launched 12 years ago—and we hope that your journey through this year’s Festival will have you reimagining our world and city in ways never thought of before.


Christianne Wilhelmson, board of directors, PuSh Festival

Christianne Wilhelmson
Board President