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Board President Mira Oreck’s fall message

October 13, 2017

Beyond the three fabulous weeks when the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival takes place each January, the fall is also an exciting time of year for the organization. The PuSh Festival staff kick off their production season, contractors come onto the team and the program launch is just around the corner.

On the board of directors side of things, we come fresh off the energy of the annual general meeting, where we say farewell to departing board members and elect new incoming faces.

I would like to take time to recognize the board members who have come to the end of their board terms at the 2017 AGM and to others who are moving on. Thank you to:

Kent Gallie: After serving a year as acting managing director in 2010, Kent joined board in 2011 and served six years on the Finance Committee.

Margo Harper: A guiding light and avid supporter of the art, Margo served on the Fundraising Committee since 2011.

Jane Brindley: A tireless champion, Jane chaired the Fundraising Committee since her election in 2015.

Alexandra Montgomery: Our fearless Vice President who lead the organization’s strategic planning process from 2015 to 2017. Alexandra also chaired the Fundraising Committee from 2013 to 2015.

Frances Dobrzanski: A board member with a long personal history with the festival, Frances served a year as secretary before joining Fundraising Committee in 2016.

Jill Macgillivray: As a lawyer and committed board member, Jill contributed her expertise to the Governance and Nominations Committee for two years.

To Kent, Margo, Jane, Alexandra, Frances, and Jill: Each of you have given hundreds of hours of your time, enormous wisdom and donated resources generously. I want to sincerely thank each of you and acknowledge all that you have given to PuSh. Your work and time has made the organization—and all of us—stronger.

I’m buoyed by the fantastic new additions to our board that bring their skills and expertise. Please welcome:

Judith Bosire (Finance Committee): Judith is a senior consultant at Deloitte where she works as an economist providing economic analysis services to industry and Indigenous groups.

Jessica Bouchard (Fundraising Committee): Jessica is the associate director of Presentation House Gallery, which, under her leadership, is close to the end of its capital campaign for its new home, The Polygon Gallery, set to open on Vancouver’s north shore waterfront this fall.

Deena Chochinov (HR Committee): Deena has worked as a consultant, coach and counsellor with people and organizations seeking meaningful change. Deena has a master’s in counselling psychology.

Prem Gill (Fundraising Committee): Prem is the chief executive officer of Creative BC. Prem has been named one of Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 and listed as one of The Globe and Mail’s 10 Women Who Matter in Film and TV.

Tevia Jeffries (Governance and Nominations Committee): Tevia is a partner with Dentons Canada LLP. In addition to her degrees in common and civil law from McGill University, Tevia has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

Sudha Krishna (Governance and Nominations Committee): Sudha has over 20 years of experience spanning journalism, TV, music, digital media, marketing and fundraising for media companies and non-profit organizations.

Tory Ross (Secretary): Tory has over 30 years experience in administration, sales, event management and communications for the non-profit and corporate sectors. She is the executive assistant at the Value Property Group, a commercial property development and management company.

As the staff and board busily prepare another fantastic edition of the PuSh Festival, these moments of transition help give pause to reflect on the tremendous amount of dedication and passion everyone has, and continues to, put into the PuSh Festival to make it what it is.

I’m confident that our patrons and supporters will be thrilled to see what’s in store and I can’t wait to see everyone at the 2018 PuSh Festival in January.

Mira Oreck
President, Board of Directors