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Donor spotlight: Elsie Jang

November 09, 2017

Our donors transform the performing arts in our city through their generosity. Leading up to #GivingTuesday on November 28, we are sharing a few of their stories!

We spoke with Elsie Jang, who has been a donor as long as she’s been an attendee of the PuSh Festival. She’s been donating since she learned of the Festival 10 years ago.


When did you first get involved with the PuSh Festival and what inspired you to do so?
For a couple years I went to Mexico in January and February because not much was happening in Vancouver. Since I became aware of PuSh in 2007 I stay in the city for it ever year.

What performance works inspire you the most?
The thing I love about live performance is that it brings people together. I think innovation in performance is important, but more than that, art brings community together.

What is your favourite memory at the PuSh Festival?
Le Grand Continental (PuSh 2015). I loved watching the volunteer dancers perform. I saw it outdoors in the rain—and it was fun and lighthearted.

Why do you think it’s important to support the arts?
I put my money where my mouth is. The arts are important to me. It feeds my soul. The arts touch everyone so when I think about where my support will have the most impact, there is only one answer for me. The arts are critical.

Any other comments that you’d like to contribute?
I’m just grateful for all of you at PuSh. The many tiers of you, from the curators to the volunteers. You contribute to the cultural scene in Vancouver. I’m grateful to everyone involved.

If Elsie’s story has inspired you, think about joining our PuSh Patrons Circle or making a gift on Giving Tuesday!