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PuSh Board: Goals & Objectives

March 08, 2021

At PuSh Annual General Meeting on March 7, 2021, the society’s membership elected eight individuals to form the organization’s new board of directors.

Prior to the election, the now newly elected Board President Camyar Chai, released the board’s goals and objectives for the coming months.

“How the organizational challenges of PuSh are handled will have direct impacts on a diverse array of artists, arts organizations, and audience members,” says Camyar in his election statement.

Knowing the importance and scope of leading the organization, the board has determined the following goals and objectives to guide them.


  • Create a climate of healing and wellness for the PuSh Festival and its stakeholders.
  • Begin transformation towards a responsible, equitable, and accountable organization.
  • Get back to the business of giving cultural workers meaningful employment that enables delivering excellence in the performing arts.


  • If not already complete by that time, immediately begin to finalize a healthy and just resolution with former staff.
  • Continue the process of organizational review that began in Fall 2020. This includes clear steps towards establishing administrative, management, governance, and resource systems that are Just and equitable while demonstrating sound business and fiduciary responsibility. 
  • Implement an interim artistic team that can review and advance PuSh programming from a Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) lens.  This will further define the leadership structure and qualities required for a transition to permanent leadership.
  • Begin to create a sense of unity and common purpose amongst the board, staff, and immediate stakeholders. This includes robust internal and external consultation.
  • Eventual transfer power from an interim to permanent board.
  • Seek feedback and engage in dialogue with a community of supporters and knowledge keepers.