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PuSh Membership Elects New Board

March 08, 2021

PuSh is excited to announce that on March 7, 2021, its members elected a total of eight directors to form the organization’s new board.

Carmen Aguirre, Camyar Chai, Justine Chambers, Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen, Sadira Rodrigues, Shanae Sodhi, Camilla Tibbs, and Johnny Wu — the new board members — will be steering PuSh in the coming months.

Following PuSh’s Annual General Meeting, the new board met to elect officers. PuSh is thrilled to share that Camyar Chai will assume the position of Board President, joined by Sadira Rodrigues as the Vice President, and Camilla Tibbs as the Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining five board members will serve the organization as directors at large offering diverse perspectives to advance the board’s goals and objectives.

“I am grateful for my fellow colleagues who stepped forward to guide PuSh through its next chapter. Although we will aim to make timely decisions, we would like to humbly ask the community for their patience and support as we assume our new roles within the organization,” says Board President, Camyar Chai.

“On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to welcome Carmen, Camyar, Justine, Lisa, Sadira, Shanae, Camilla, and Johnny to the PuSh team. We look forward to working together to rebuild trust with the community and create a sense of unity and common purpose amongst the board, staff, and stakeholders,” says Jason Dubois, PuSh’s Managing Director. “We would like to thank the outgoing directors for their dedication and contributions as volunteers to the organization.”