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The Democratic Set Lives On!

January 31, 2020

PuSh hosted a pink carpet film premiere at the Roundhouse Saturday night, filled with movie stars. They weren’t just any movie stars… they were stars from the local community featured in The Democratic Set.

This year at PuSh, Back to Back Theatre and Neworld invited the public to take part in The Democratic Set – a bare “set”, available on a first come, first serve basis, uninhibited by hierarchy, direction, or any preconceived agenda.

For three days kids, adults, arts groups, and even Roundhouse technicians, strutted their stuff, occupying The Democratic Set with an array of creative approaches, statements, and ideas.

Back to Back’s final film offers a poetic convergence of the perspectives that were shared, and PuSh is excited to see these performances live on!

Thanks to all who came out to perform in and witness this project, and thanks to Back to Back Theatre for bringing your work to PuSh and to Vancouver!

Pink Carpet PuSh Party. Photo by Gabriel Martins Pazin

The Democratic Set PERFORMERS:

AA Spencer

Aastrid Evensen


Aine Rathwell

Alex Bulmer

Alex Edwards


Altan Edward Stephen Thomas

Photo by Tim Matheson

Amber Barton

Andrea Cownden

Andrew Gordon

Angela L. Hamilton

Anika Vervecken

Annie Cavanagh

Brenda “Poesy” Koch

Ceejay Rodriguez

Chebli Alm Alomar

Cheryl Olvera

Christian Seneca

Claire Brown

Claire Davis

Claire French

Photo by Tim Matheson

Corvyn Steel

Cristian Oriak

Daniel Lopez

David Araniva

Deborah Feder

Deena Chochinov

David Shoring

Eddie Zhou

Edi Loney

Emily Hein

Emma Jeffrey

Eric Posen

Esther Tennenhouse

Evelyn Chew

Forrest Graves

France Perras


Georgia Vabre

Photo by Tim Matheson

Godwin Bolito

Gordon Watkins

Gregory Scott Grant

Hania Zemojtel

Imran Hakamali

Jackie Tam

Jacqueline Firkins

Jamie Sweeney

Janice Laurence

Janis McCaffrey

Jill Henis

Jimmy Trinh

Jo-Anne Naslund

Joan Mustard

Joe Vabre

Photo by Tim Matheson

Joel Klassen

Joyce Rosario

Kaia Kent

King (Niall McNeil)

Ladan Sahraei

Lady Alomar

Laelo Vervecken Wong

Lisa Anne Barker

Lixuan Zeng

LM Radley

Lorelei Pepi

Mahmood Shibary

Malka Martz-Oberlander

Marcus Youssef

Marissa Riebesehl

Photo by Tim Matheson

Matthew Tom-Wing

Matthew Winter


Mela Pietropaolo

Mindy Parfitt

Nathan Barrett

Nathan Kay

Nathaniel Salangsang

Neil Griffith

Neilson Mackay

Nicholas Chan

Nicole Nozick


Nita Bowerman

Photo by Tim Matheson

Olivia Cheng


Paolo Pietropaolo

Patricia L. Morris

Patrick Caldicott

Pengchao Shao

Raheela Khan

Rianne Svelnis

Richard Vabre

romham pàdraig gallacher    

Ross Barrett

Ruo Zhu

Sage Lane

Sandra Henderson

Santana Berryman

Sarah Lipetz

Photo by Time Matheson

Shannon Emeruwa

Sharon A Feder

Sharon Wilson

Shawn Balagosa

Shizuka Kai

Sophia Wolfe

Stephen Lytton

Sufyan Siddiqi

Sunny Nestler

Susanna Uchatius

Tasio Pietropaolo

Tiffany King

Tim Sars

Yincong Yang