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PuShy Questions with Wen Wei Wang of Flying White – 飞白

January 30, 2020

Wen Wei Wang is the choreographer of Flying White – 飞白, showing at The Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre from January 31-February 2. Click here for tickets and more show information.

1) What motivates your work as an artist?


2) What does being part of PuSh 2020 represent for you?

More opportunities for people to see Wen Wei Dance.

3) Is there anything you want audiences to keep in mind while experiencing your show?

It’s not just a dance show, but a collaboration between Wen Wei Dance and Turning  Point Ensemble. We have 12 live musicians including 4 from Taiwan, and 6 dancers from Wen Wei Dance. They’re all on stage. It’s a multicultural display and the representation of elements including rice, paper, silk and ink.

4) How might we see PuSh 2020 themes of subversion or vulnerability reflected in the work?

I think these are interesting themes for audiences to consider while watching the show.

5) What other PuSh show would you most like to see?

I wish I could see all the shows.

6) What qualities do you most admire in other artists?

Audacity and Authenticity.

7) Any advice for emerging artists?


8) What do you do when you’re not working or making art?


9) What about Vancouver most entices you?

It’s my home.

10) What is your biggest art-making wish or fantasy (if money were no object)?

Continuing to create art.

Click here for Flying White – 飞白 tickets and more show information.

Wen Wei Wang began dancing at an early age in China, where he was born and raised. He trained and danced professionally with the Langzhou Song and Dance Company. In 1991, he came to Canada and joined the Judith Marcuse Dance Company, followed by seven years dancing with Ballet BC. In 2000, he received the Clifford E. Lee Choreographic Award and since then has choreographed for the Alberta Ballet, Ballet BC, Ballet Jorgen, North West Dance Projects, the Vancouver and San Francisco Operas, and Ballet Jazz de Montreal. Wang received the 2006 Isadora Award for Excellence in Choreography, the 2009 Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, the 2013 Chrystal Dance Prize, and a 2013 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award.

In 2003, he founded Wen Wei Dance and has since choreographed eleven full-length works for the company. Wen Wei Wang is an Associate Dance Artist of the National Arts Centre and the 2018-19 Artistic Director of Ballet Edmonton.

– (headshot by Shin Sugino)