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5 facts about the Dakota Bear Forest

January 28, 2021

This year, from Feb 3-7, 2021, PuSh is honoured to co-present SANCTUARY: The Dakota Bear Ancient Forest Experience on Granville Island with the Sunshine Coast Arts Council.

The 10 minute 360 degree video experience will take you to a place that has existed since before the last Ice Age. This beautiful place is now threatened to be destroyed and clear cut. The creators behind the project — Damien Gillis, Cease Wyss, and Olivier Leroux — have an important message to share.

Below are five reasons why it is of utmost importance for you to take action now and save this ancient forest.

1. It’s estimated that there are 33 active bear dens in the Dakota Bear Sanctuary, with many candidate dens for future use. 

2. It’s a site of many culturally modified trees — cedars from which Skwxwú7mesh and Shíshálh people have harvested fibres for many uses. These modifications have been dated to be at least 500 years old.

3. The oldest trees have been estimated to be 1,500 years and older.

4. It’s home to a high diversity of trees, plants, animals, birds, and insects creating a community of species.

5. It has been growing and adapting since the last Ice Age, but now is the first time in history that humans are planning to clearcut this remarkable forest. Now is the time to protect it.

The artists would like to ask you to take action now and save this beautiful forest. Visit loggingfocus.org for way to make a difference.