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“Of peanuts and screws”, an audio walk with Njo Kong Kie

January 27, 2021

Njo Kong Kie takes a walk through the streets of Toronto, and invites you to share his journey in a place of your own choosing. The musical accompaniment is drawn from the artist’s own Picnic in the Cemetery,and it’s a delight for the ears. Interspersed with the melodic interludes are Kong Kie’s musings on ideology, interpersonal connections, Kung-Fu flicks, ambition, and more, including the true cost of our smartphones. 

In 2021, Kong Kie brought his concert version of the beautiful, yet tragic I swallowed a moon made of iron to PuSh.

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TEXT BY Njo Kong Kie except the poem 一颗螺丝掉在地上 “A single screw fell to the ground” by Xu Lizhi, translated into English by Derek Kwan MUSIC BY Njo Kong Kie, performed by Simon Claude, Alexandre Castonguay and Njo Kong Kie TRACK DETAILS Moments Cinématiques no 1, Quatrième Confession, Ljubljana, Moments Cinématiques no 11, Sweet, Toujours CREATED FOR the PuSh Festival’s PuSh Walks Series