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Graveyards and Gardens: A walk through Mountain View Cemetery and the back alleys of Massachusetts

January 12, 2021

An adventure with dual destinations, this Walk guides listeners through East Vancouver and Amherst, Massachusetts simultaneously. Artists Caroline Shaw and Vanessa Goodman converse in real-time as they travel through a graveyard and a stretch of local forest. The dialogue is accompanied by ambient sounds—both natural and electronic. There’s a strong spectral tone to the journey(s), with memory and the knowledge of unceded land looming large.

Starting point:

If you are experiencing this walk in Vancouver, please visit Mountain View Cemetery.

If you are in Massachusetts, please take a walk in the forest.

Featuring: Caroline Shawcomposer, voice & violin, and Vanessa Goodmanchoreographer

The work Graveyards and Gardens received its world premiere at PuSh 2021.

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ARTISTS Caroline Shaw (violin & vocals) and Vanessa Goodman (choregraphy) PRODUCER Ben Lange SOUND EDITOR Ashley Daniel Foot CREATED FOR the PuSh Festival’s PuSh Walks Series