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Ulksen Spirit: a westward walking sonic experience with Jeanette Kotowich

March 18, 2021

A layered walking experience of land, water, body, histories, futures and Spirit of Ulksen: Squamish place name referring to the Burrard Peninsula, colonially known as Spanish Banks. Allow yourself to be guided by the narration, encompassed […]

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Finding Delight in Heartbreak: An audio walk with Jesse Del Fierro

February 10, 2021

Theatre artist Jesse Del Fierro starts their Walk with a powerful acknowledgment and concludes on a note of uplift; in between, there’s a trip down memory lane, a romantic reminiscence, reflections on dealing with adversity, […]

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DTES suite / burials underfoot — a furious journey with Q Lawrence

February 03, 2021

While traveling from a transit station to the Downtown East Side, Q Lawrence recites their harsh, imagistic, creatively profane poetry and plunges the listener into darkness. Follow the route Q takes in their wheelchair and […]

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“Of peanuts and screws”, an audio walk with Njo Kong Kie

January 27, 2021

Njo Kong Kie takes a walk through the streets of Toronto, and invites you to share his journey in a place of your own choosing. The musical accompaniment is drawn from the artist’s own Picnic […]

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When ‘bird by bird,’ is ‘wave by wave’: sound editing PuSh Walks

January 25, 2021

Written by Ashley Daniel Foot. Walter Murch, the Oscar-winning godfather of modern sound design said in an interview that “we hear, much more than reptiles or birds. We cover around 10 octaves of sound.” The […]

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Procession to New Town: an audio walk through Vancouver’s Chinatown

January 20, 2021

Join artists Ralph Escamillan and Kimberley Wong for a stroll through Vancouver’s Chinatown area. While journeying to New Town Bakery & Restaurant, Ralph and Kimberley share personal memories, historical reflections, and thoughts on the diasporic […]

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Graveyards and Gardens: A walk through Mountain View Cemetery and the back alleys of Massachusetts

January 12, 2021

An adventure with dual destinations, this Walk guides listeners through East Vancouver and Amherst, Massachusetts simultaneously. Artists Caroline Shaw and Vanessa Goodman converse in real-time as they travel through a graveyard and a stretch of […]

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