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Ulksen Spirit: a westward walking sonic experience with Jeanette Kotowich

March 18, 2021

A layered walking experience of land, water, body, histories, futures and Spirit of Ulksen: Squamish place name referring to the Burrard Peninsula, colonially known as Spanish Banks. Allow yourself to be guided by the narration, encompassed in the present moment, witnessing as much of your surroundings as possible, while simultaneously giving over to your imagination.

The sonic environment for this piece was crafted and composed by Matthew Morrish: A tapestry of field recordings, imagined spaces, echoed memories, and rhythms of the earth. Matthew creates visual, sonic, and poetic art with his ongoing Futurhythms project. He also occasionally releases electronic music under the alias Owlform.

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About Jeanette Kotowich

Jeanette Kotowich is a Vancouver-based, independent, dance artist and choreographer of mixed Cree/Métis and European ancestry.  Jeanette creates work that reflects protocol, ritual, relationship to the natural/spiritual world, and Indigenous futurism. Learn more about Jeanette on her website.

Recently, she sat on PuSh’s Advisory Group, supporting the organization throughout the first phase of its Organizational Review process committed to moving forward with JEDI values.


FEATURING Jeanette Kotowich IN CONSULTATION WITH Squamish Elder S7aplek (aka. Bob Baker) CREATED FOR the PuSh Festival’s PuSh Walks Series