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Do You See What I Mean? Feedback

February 18, 2013

Photo: Juan Saez

Feedback from blind/partially sighted guides:

“Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoyed these few days spent with you all, the training workshop plus this last weekend. In retrospect, I got a lot out of it as the whole project forced me to expand my mind and think in a different way!! As you could probably tell, I’m far more black and white kind of a person, more practical and not so artsy, (my Physio training),so I had to stretch my own boundary which isn’t a bad thing to do every now and then!!

I thought that all of you organizers did a superb job in getting over to us what you wanted out of us and you looked after us so beautifully, so many little details, (food and drinks, dogs, warm/dry clothing) and all very much appreciated.

Chatting with some of the other volunteers last night [at the closing potluck] was also great and some of it was quite revealing! What a sweet and great crowd they were too and so nice of them to come and mingle with us; I really enjoyed my conversations with the few I was lucky enough to spend some time with.” – Rosamund van Leeuwen

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the project.

Being a creative soul myself I thought it was an exciting endeavor and hope to take part in any future events. I enjoyed sharing with the various participants how I move through the world which I personally take for granted. The icing on the cake was the dance at the end which was unique and phenomenal experience. I also made some good and hopefully lifetime friends as a result.

Overall it was a growth in my spiritual evolution.” – Alberto Heide

Feedback from guides:

“I was scared my first guiding experience but my guest was happy and on my second and third experience I had more fun – even letting the blindfolded person free walk. I relished the opportunity.” – David C. Jones

“THANK YOU for all YOU have done to make *Do You See What I Mean?* in Vancouver a very special event! Not only was the whole project perfectly organised, but most important of all you made me (and probably many of the other volunteers) feel very much part of the show. In addition I was very impressed by how friendly and good-humoured you and all the others people were during the whole time (even when things didn’t go as planned…)!” – Katharina Pfenningstorf

“DYSWIM was an incredible experience, and I feel like all of you became a family to me.

Thanks again for putting this all together and let me know of any events you do in the future.” – Olga Abeleva

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate with Do You See What I Mean? I enjoyed every minute of being involved with this project, from accidentally bumping my audience member into strangers on my first walk, to watching the audience members’ initial reactions to being lead around ‘differently’ by the dancers, and in the end hearing how the 2.5 hour walk affected them, each in a very different way.

On Saturday, my last walk, my audience member chose not to meet me face-to-face. I was perfectly fine with it, and the more I think about it the more I realize how insightful her decision was. She had a very specific experience that day, and wanted to keep me a part of it just as I was, a voice and a body, no face. My other two audience members were eager to take off their blindfolds and meet me, so this last experience put a nice perspective on the performance as a whole, and showed me how enriching it truly was for me. My favorite part of the performance though was the dancers portion, as I was captivated each time I walked into the studio.  I recently started dancing myself, so it was wonderful seeing a different kind of dancing experience, one that has a hold of me even a week later.” – Madeleine Armour

“Thank you team! It was an absolute joy to work on this project. Martin, Martial, Ruthie, and Donna greeted us everyday that we were working with a great big smile on their faces. They made me feel very appreciated and their organization was extremely impressive. I made some unforgettable connections and experiences with the audience members that I guided on the walk. It made me very proud to know that theatre like this exists; giving audiences different experiences and a shift in perspective that will stay with them for many years to come.” – Marcela Caceres


Feedback from homes:

“Thank you for including me in this project – it was very interesting and I enjoyed meeting so many people without having to leave my home.” – Karenza T. Wall