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PuSh Festival 2013 Memories

February 13, 2013

We asked our staff and board what memories they’re leaving with this year. Here’s one response.

First, there’s my favourite show. Testament has continued to resonate with me since their opening night with its clever deconstruction of King Lear brought down to the personal level. Both my parents are gone, so for me it was cathartic. But I thought every baby boomer should see that show!

But another thing that will stick with me is the trip home via bus and seabus from the David Carr talk at CapU. A young woman and I sprinted to the bus and began talking on that ride to the Seabus, and continued onto the Seabus. Though she was out of town and had missed much of the festival, she was making up for lost time, doing Do You See What I Mean?, Carr and I, Malvolio in a couple of days. She was a UBC grad in art history, working at an established South Granville gallery. It reminded me that the one-time invisible wall (or separate silos, as we used to say) between the performing and visual arts – which frustrated us in the 90s when I chaired the Alliance for Arts and Culture – is really evaporating, with a little PuSh.

Ellie O’Day

PuSh Festival publcist

Do you have something to say? Did a PuSh Festival show resonate with you and change how you think about the world or your art practice? We’d love to hear about it. Email sara@pushfestival.ca with your story.