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November 04, 2022

A performer, barefoot and wearing a yellow jumpsuit, jumps high in the air with arms gesticulating. In the background are red stage lights and red fabric hangings.

Mesmerizing, metaphorical and full of superb acrobatics, this is a circus performance like no other. It begins with an evocation of birth, as a naked man slowly rips his way out through a giant piece […]

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November 03, 2022

Long-exposure image of Juan Ignacio Tula in Instante, standing in a dark room. He is shirtless and stares into the camera, holding a white stack of paper. Circling him are two rings made of many horizontal rings of light motion lines.

For these two dazzling shows, Juan Ignacio Tula and Marica Marinoni start with a simple concept: one human being plus a large aluminum ring called a Cyr wheel. In LONTANO, Marica spins the Cyr with […]

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