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Showing on Feb 4-5 (In-person); Feb 2-5 (Online)

Playing at Vancouver Playhouse

A performer, barefoot and wearing a yellow jumpsuit, jumps high in the air with arms gesticulating. In the background are red stage lights and red fabric hangings.

Race Horse Company (Finland)

Mesmerizing, metaphorical and full of superb acrobatics, this is a circus performance like no other. It begins with an evocation of birth, as a naked man slowly rips his way out through a giant piece of cellophane, and from there it moves through phases of the man’s existence. Each stage comes with a new object to contend with; our acrobat protagonist rolls, bounces, balances and leaps, and his moves are astounding.

There’s a strong sci-fi edge to the show, with objects made to seem alien in origin and a beautifully suggestive representation of space. The acrobat’s progress plays like an evolution, with his mastery of movement growing stronger from phase to phase. Brilliantly designed and set to a spacy, pulsing live electronic score, O’DD is true poetry in motion.

Tour supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland

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Artist Bio

Race Horse Company

Established in 2008, Race Horse Company exists to create unique, uncompromising circus performances. The company’s productions emphasize acrobatic skill, dark humour and surprise, and they have wowed audiences and influenced the contemporary circus scene across the globe. In 2016, the founding members of Race Horse Company were awarded the State’s Circus Award for their work.


Vancouver Playhouse

600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


  • February 2: Online
  • February 3: Online
  • February 4: 7:30 +Online
  • February 5: 2:00 +Online

Runtime: 55 mins, no intermission

Post-show Talkback: Feb 4

Content Advisory

Haze, strobe lights, nudity


In-Person: $39
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Streaming: $25
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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Friendly

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Concept & director Rauli Dahlberg Choreography Rauli Dahlberg & Jarkko Mandelin Sound design and compositions Miro Mantere Lighting design Jere Mönkkönen Set design Rauli Dahlberg & Jere Mönkkönen Costume design Tiina Valve Supported by Espoo City Theatre, Arts Council of Finland, City of Helsinki, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Samuel Hueber Foundation, Kone Foundation, Trial Italy Residencies Tapanilan Sirkussali, Saari Residence, Cirko – Center for New Circus, WHS, Hiljaisuus festival, Supiainen Residence