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Meet the folks behind the PuSh: Kara Gibbs

August 11, 2009

Name: Kara Gibbs | Position: Communications Manager | Started: June, 2009

The “official” bio
Kara Gibbs is deeply rooted in the new music community of Vancouver. As a freelance administrator, publicist and marketing director she has worked with a number of different performing arts organizations and individual artists and ensembles including Music on Main, Vancouver Pro Musica, The Canadian Music Centre, Young Artist Experience, Gamelan Gita Asmara and the Vancouver Cantata Singers. Kara is an active composer, and vice-president of the Turning Point Ensemble executive board.

Excerpt from the “unofficial” bio, early years
Kara Gibbs was the first student in her kindergarten class to learn how to read. Unfortunately, the excitement of the act often overshadowed the meaning of the words themselves. This led to frequent misunderstandings. The most memorable of these was her belief that the word prosecute had the same meaning as the word execute. As a traumatizing consequence, in these early formative years she held the mistaken impression that the “Shoplifters will be prosecuted” sign in her neighbourhood convenient store meant that stealing was punishable by death. Needless to say, her childhood never involved theft of any kind—petty or otherwise. Her confusion that the word loiter had the same meaning as the word litter held consequences far less severe. The “No Loitering” sign outside said convenient store proved unnecessary. Kara wouldn’t have dared to linger, let alone dropped a scrap of litter, outside an establishment militant enough to take the life of a shoplifter.


  1. Oh. My. God. We had the same childhood. I thought “ravished” and “famished” were pretty much the same. Imagine my parent's surprise when I announced to their dinner party that I was “ravished”.
    Congrats on the gig!

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