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PuSh Festival Photo Contest: What is your Vancouver? WINNER ANNOUNCED

February 08, 2011

Congratulations Jayme Lum, winner of the contest!!! With 84 Facebook photo ‘likes’ Jayme was one of our favourites.

Jayme is the winner of:

• a PuSh Festival prize pack that includes a brand new 16GB iPod nano touch, a 2012 4-show PuSh Pass and a PuSh Festival T-Shirt.
• Her photograph will be featured on the PuSh Festival’s high traffic website, PuShing it, the PuSh Festival’s blog and the Festival e-newsletter.
• Her work will be exposed to leaders of the arts and culture community though association with the PuSh Festival. 

Artist Bio: 

“Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, pairing well with my other loves of traveling and hiking. I started taking pictures with my Dad’s Canon AE1 when I was in grade school and have worked my way up to a Nikon D50. Hopefully one day I’ll have a Nikon D7100 or Canon G12!  I enjoy architecture, construction, form, design, texture and learning about new cultures and ideas. My photos typically involve one of those themes.”

Check out her work, click here.

Photo Description:
The PuSh Festival Photo Contest had many great images to capture the essence of Vancouver and I appreciate that the Festival provided an outlet for artists to display their talents!

The photo that I submitted was taken at Portside Park in Vancouver. The location is particularly interesting to me as my fisheye lens was able to capture the juxtaposition of an industrial and urban setting against the awe-inspiring mountains and water that bounds Vancouver. Growing from a port city to an advanced, knowledge-based economy, Vancouver has developed into a world-class landmark for industry, natural beauty and diversity. I look forward to seeing the continued development of Vancouver and wonder what the view from Portside Park will reveal in years to come.

I look forward for more PuSh Festivals!”

Jayme Lum

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