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Showing on Jan 28-Feb 5

Playing at Roundhouse Exhibition Hall

nora chipaumire, wearing a white and black-patterned jumpsuit, thick black necklaces, white and black head covering, and white sneakers, looks into the camera. she sits on top of a high stack of wood stereo speakers, feet resting on top of a black speaker.

nora chipaumire (Zimbabwe / USA)

Loud, proud and militant, the latest from dance powerhouse nora chipaumire features the shitsoundsystem, a huge speaker setup custom-made for sonic maximalism. On it plays the artist’s new opera, Nehanda, a work named for an African lion spirit venerated by the people of Zimbabwe and central Mozambique. Nehanda inhabits mortal women, notably Charwe Nyakasikana, a revolutionary behind the uprising against British colonists in the late 19th century.

chipaumire’s installation features three video portraits of herself incarnating the spirit of Nehanda; the portraits are on an ongoing loop, as is the opera, which is just under four hours in length. Additionally, two of the performances will be followed by dub nights, featuring chipaumire on the mic. This is  a work you can enter at will; it loses none of its power and meaning from being open to a multitude of entry points.

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Artist Bio

nora chipaumire

nora chipaumire is the winner of four Bessie Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship and many other honours for her work, which includes the live performances portrait of myself as my father and the three-part album Hashtag Punk, One Hundred Percent Pop and Star NIGGA. She is engaged in a long-term research project entitled nhaka; it is an investigation of black bodies and imaginations.


Roundhouse Exhibition Hall

181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver


  • January 28: Ongoing 12-7:30; Dub night 9-11:30
  • January 29: Ongoing 12-7:30
  • January 31: Ongoing 12-7:30
  • February 1: Ongoing 12-7:30; Dub night 9-11:30
  • February 2: Ongoing 12-7:30
  • February 3: Ongoing 12-7:30
  • February 4: Ongoing 12-7:30
  • February 5: Ongoing 12-7:30


Jan 28, 29: 12 pm-7:30 pm

Jan 31-Feb 5: 12 pm-7:30 pm

Dub Nights:

Jan 28 & Feb 1: 9-11:30 pm

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conceived and performed by nora chipaumire sound design and audio treatment by Franz Schütte, with Nadel Eins Studio Berlin soundshitsystem designed by nora chipaumire, Ari Marcopoulos and Kara Walker constructed by Matt Jackson Studios Guest DJ DJ Luz Mob