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Lolling and Rolling

Showing on Jan 19-21 (In-person); Jan 19-22 (Online)

Playing at Performance Works

Jaha Koo, who has short black hair and is wearing glasses and a black T-shirt and headphones around his beck, is DJing. In the background is a video of green glitches.

Jaha Koo / CAMPO (South Korea, Belgium)

Video, music and monologue come together as Jaha Koo takes on the absurdities of linguistic imperialism. The main subject is the South Korean phenomenon of tongue-tie surgery, a procedure that makes it easier for patients to pronounce the English “r” sound. Jaha Koo investigates this absurd practice, and branches out to many related topics, including war, colonial history and English’s status as the key language of political power. From this exploration emerges a polemic about the subaltern’s “inaudible voice” and its embattled position in our world.

Witty, perceptive and revelatory, Lolling and Rolling features Jaha Koo mixing music from behind a turntable as he speaks to the audience; there are also two screens behind him playing footage that complements his discourse. It’s a multimedia aesthetic for a multifaceted exploration–one that shines a light on the oppression of linguistic minorities and decries their loss of identity.

CAMPO is supported by The Flemish Government, The CAMPO is Province of East Flanders & The City of Ghent.

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Artist Bio

Jaha Koo (South Korea / Belgium)

Jaha Koo is a South Korean composer and theatre artist. Working in the realm where disciplines overlap, he incorporates video, music, text and installation into his works of performance. Jaha Koo’s key achievements include the Hamartia Trilogy, of which Lolling and Rolling is a part, and the EP Copper and Oyster.


Performance Works

1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


  • January 19: 7:30 +Online
  • January 20: 7:30 +Online
  • January 21: 7:30 +Online
  • January 22: Online

Post-show talkback: Jan 20

Content Advisory

Contains depictions of violence


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concept, text, direction, music, video & performance Jaha Koo dramaturgy Dries Douibi scenography Eunkyung Jeong artistic advice Pol Heyvaert technical Korneel Coessens, Jan Berkmans, Bart Huybrechts production OFFICENEINOFFICE executive producer 2021 CAMPO coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts original support DAS Theatre