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A Conversation Harold Budd

Showing on January 23, 2016

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Harold Budd, 2016 PuSh Festival

Ideas Series

Tireless at age 79, Harold Budd is an American composer who just debuted a new work of music and poetry in December 2015 (Aurora Tears, Heavenly Monkey Press). In the 40 years since Pavilion of Dreams, the first of his three groundbreaking collaborations with Brian Eno, Harold has recorded over 40 albums, traversing a wide range of colors and sounds, from lush synthesized melodies, to haunting string quartets, to his spare and beautiful “soft pedal” piano style. Budd’s music eludes classification, though it has been described as “like the Southwest desert landscapes of his youth, possessing a thin veneer of serenity, yet masking a mood that is dark and dangerous.” To complement Budd’s rare performance in Vancouver at Club PuSh, join him for an intimate conversation that will give us a look into the mind of a living genius. Budd’s interests are far reaching, and the conversation promises to be just as inclusive, covering topics such as his collaborations with visual artists and his interdisciplinary approach to art-making, the influence of the geographical landscape in his work (Budd grew up in Mohave Desert), and whether his minimalist aesthetic is a conscious aesthetic response or an outgrowth of his nature. Facilitated by Georgia Straight music critic Alex Varty.

… I’m a composer, not a performer. I’m not even really a proper pianist. I’m forced into playing the piano because no one else quite does it this way.

—Harold Budd

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