• PuSh Assembly

Artist Talk: Bridget Moser

Showing on January 20, 2017

Playing at

Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder, Bridget Moser, 2017 PuSh Festival

Ideas Series

Experiments in Comedy: Bridget Moser and Guests

Bridget Moser (Things A Person Is Supposed To Wonder) creates unclassifiable performances frequently draw on tropes of standup comedy to disarming ends. She joins performance legend Margaret Dragu, emerging multidisciplinarian Eric Lowe, and Allison Collins, Media Arts Curator at Western Front, for a conversation about humour in live art—both as it exists in their own work and within the broader landscape of contemporary practice.

Allison Collins is a Vancouver-based writer, researcher, and the Media Arts curator of Western Front.

Margaret Dragu is a Vancouver-based dancer, writer, performance artist and feminist whose work stresses the importance of creation and expression outside of a normative gallery context, emphasizing improvisation and everyday actions.

Eric Lowe is a Vancouver-based artist whose practice centres around performance, installation. and sculpture. His work often engages situational comedy and humour surrounding thematic investigations and repeating tropes.

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January 20



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Please note:
The event will take place at the Western Front (it was previously advertised at BAF Studios).