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Ode to the Attempt: A Choreographic Lab with Jan Martens

Showing on January 19, 20, 2017

Playing at Scotiabank Dance Centre

Photo: courtesy of the artist


Divided into three parts, dancer/choreographer Jan Martens (Sweat Baby Sweat) offers this choreographic lab that takes participants through the history of minimalism, to practicing methodologies in choreography, to creating new material.

Open to artists of all disciplines; dance training is not required.

Part 1: Theoretical
History, how has minimalism changed, what are examples of how it has been used differently in modern and contemporary dance and performance from the seventies to the present day. Jan will include a studio presentation of his solo work Ode to the Attempt to illustrate these principles, as well as a basis for discussion.

Part 2: From Theoretical to Physical
To embody these principles, and practice working methodology linked to performances such as Sweat Baby Sweat, Ode to the Attempt and The Dog Days Are Over, Jan will recreate material with participants.

Part 3: From Physical to Showing
Participants will improvise with and/or work around limitation and minimalism: in movement itself, but also in construction and dramaturgy. Participants will then create something based on the methods used during the workshop.

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Scotiabank Dance Centre

677 Davie Street, Vancouver


January 19, 20