• PuSh Assembly

Persona: Performing Yourself with Jibz Cameron

Showing on January 21, 2017

Playing at The Post at 750

Dynasty Handbag, Jibz Cameron, 2017 PuSh Festival


This workshop brings you a condensed version of a course that Jibz Cameron (a.k.a. Dynasty Handbag) teaches in the MFA Performance Studies Department at NYU. The Persona workshop is designed to help participants create a true (as in yours alone) persona that can serve as an outlet for your creative desires. The exercises involve much personal digging in order to get to the sometimes dirty, sometimes shiny, diamonds of your personal experience.

The workshop teaches basic principles of transforming your ideas into performative acts will discuss ways of navigating the issues you may encounter once you are ready to begin performing your work. It also explores some traditional acting techniques that may be helpful with the general execution of any live performance.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop except a willingness to explore some dark places in your psyche and to have some embarrassing fun!

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The Post at 750

110-750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


January 21



Admission by application only

This workshop is currently at capacity. Applicants will be placed on the waitlist.