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Showing on February 1–3, 2017

Playing at Performance Works

Wallflower, Quarantine, 2017 PuSh Festival
Photo: Simon Banham

Quarantine (England)

In Wallflower the performers endeavour to remember every dance they’ve ever danced. Quarantine gives us a show that will get your head bopping and will evoke some strong memories: of awkward high school dances, of grooving to music in private, of a romantic slow dance you wish you could relive… Here’s how it works: as a memory surfaces the dancers take to the floor under the disco ball, the DJ takes their music requests, and what emerges are memories of dances that are often funny, sometimes awkward and always human.

It’s an ever-growing repository: one dancer’s memory might call up a related one from another, whether it took place in the privacy of their bedroom or on the Paris Opera Ballet stage. Another performer sits in the audience, taking notes to build up an enormous library of dances, which is exhibited alongside the show. This is storytelling in action, autobiography emerging in movement and music. It’s an evening of dance unlike any before it, offering more than just the thrill of performance: it’s a spellbinding, bittersweet insight into 50 years of music, fashion, politics, friendships, parties, love and loss—the stuff that makes us who we are, and nothing short of powerful.

A fast, full-flowing treasury… a magical experience.


Wallflower, Quarantine, 2017 PuSh Festival
Photo: Simon Banham
Wallflower, Quarantine, 2017 PuSh Festival
Photo: Simon Banham


Part of the caravan: new english performance showcase, a curated programme of work designed to introduce, foster collaborations and build new audiences from some of England’s most exciting contemporary artists. caravan is delivered by Farnham Maltings.

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Performance Works

1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


February 1–3
90 minutes, no intermission




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Post-show talkback
February 2

CREATORS Company members DIRECTOR Richard Gregory DESIGNER Simon Banham PERFORMERS Sonia Hughes, Jo Fong, Nic Green, James Monaghan DJ, PRODUCTION MANAGER Greg Akehurst ARCHIVIST, STAGE MANAGER Kate Daley CHOREOGRAPHIC ADVISOR Jane Mason LIGHTING DESIGNER Malcolm Rippeth DRAMATURG Renny O’Shea PRODUCER Ali Dunican