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caravan: new english performance showcase

November 10, 2016

Partnerships like the one that the PuSh Festival has this year with caravan: new english performance out of the UK are founded on several things: First off, an understanding of each others interests and current strategic goals. Then there is good old patience, curiosity and trust. Add to that, a history of ongoing discussions, queries, and interactions with the key activities of each other organization. And, frankly, it takes simple care and attention, which ultimately means each partner must have a deep-seated respect and affection for each other.

Gavin Stride and the whole team behind caravan: new english performance are some of the finest working professionals in the festival presenting world. They are also some of the finest people I can think of—period! We like them; we want to work with them; and, we appreciate how their organizational goals dovetail with those of PuSh. We couldn’t be prouder and more excited about the English works on stage at PuSh, and, indeed, all the work that has gone into making it all happen—on both sides of the ocean.

–Norman Armour, Artistic & Executive Director

We are well chuffed to partner once again with caravan, our dear colleagues from across the pond!

caravan: new english performance is an initiative to encourage England-based theatre makers to think and work internationally. PuSh shares similar ambitions for Canadian artists: to find their unique place in the world and to bring their work to new audiences beyond our borders.

The PuSh/caravan partnership thrives because of a shared belief in the power and role of art in the exchange of ideas. We foster collaborations between international and local companies, between local audiences and visiting artists—to expand the practice and impact of the performing arts. When we find new ways of working together, we move forward—together.

On offer this year is a suite of works and several PuSh Assembly events that showcase the creativity of England’s brightest shining artists.

–Joyce Rosario, Associate Curator

caravan: new english performance is one of those simple ambitions—to help England-based theatre to connect and work internationally. And it feels like an idea that is more urgent now than at any time. We are convinced that, if we can create a kind of “grass roots” globalization between artists and audiences, connecting with others that share our purpose, we can contribute towards a happier healthier world. Surely that is the point of art. To help us make sense of the world, to imagine, to feel.

We could not be happier working with the PuSh Festival. This is not just some “partnership” or “collaboration.” They are friends. Friends where it matters more that they are happy, that we help them be as great as they are as anything. We are in a privileged place to be able to tell you that, in PuSh,  you have a very special set of people who care hugely for the culture of Vancouver.  Long may that last.

–Gavin Stride, Director of caravan and Farnham Maltings

caravan: new english performance is delivered in partnership with the Brighton Festival, and is supported by the British Council and Arts Council England.

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