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Showing on January 26, 2018

Playing at HINKYPUNK

Photo: Richie Lubaton

Fakeknot (Canada)

Striking, subversive and gorgeous to behold, Ralph Escamillan’s dance spectacular has its creator decked out in “sequin skin”—a layer of shiny ornamentation that serves to mask and reveal all at once. The skin conceals identity but expresses intent: to create a walking, breathing signifier. Drag, ballroom and vogue are subcultures that have allowed queer men to express themselves through artifice, and they’re a key inspiration for Escamillan. The HINKYPUNK is a camp cipher for audiences to contemplate—a mystery figure of liberation.

The beguiling figure performs on a pedestal—an object for our delight and our study. Everything is up for analysis in this show: the gaze, the body and the artifice with which we create ourselves. This is a sexy, stimulating work—an intellectual swoon.


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Artist Bio

Fakeknot (Canada)

Experienced in various styles of dance and performance, Vancouver native Ralph Escamillan has worked his magic with Company 605, Wen Wei Dance, Disney, Janet Jackson and many others. Fakeknot is his newly founded company for his artistic projects.




January 26
45 minutes, no intermission



CHOREOGRAPHER, PERFORMER Ralph Escamillan GUEST COLLABORATORS Rachel Meyers, Kevin Fraser, Ted Littlemore, Sarah Formosa SOUND DESIGNER, COMPOSER Stefan Seslija LIGHTING, PROJECTION ARTIST Sammy Chien (Chimerik似不像), COSTUME DESIGNER Sonja Muse DRAMATURG Justine Chambers CO-PRODUCED BY The Dance Centre, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival RESIDENCY SUPPORT Boca del Lupo, Karma Teachers, Plastic Orchid Factory, R Space SUPPORTED BY Canada Council for the Arts