Joseph Keckler (USA)

Joseph Keckler

January 26–27, 2018

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Joseph Keckler

Vocal virtuoso, charming raconteur, master prose stylist—Joseph Keckler is all the above and more. This artistically ambidextrous performer can boast so many talents it’s a wonder he’s so modest. Performing monologues and singing opera, torch and pop, he demonstrates a range of skills and a breadth of knowledge that might seem monumental if it weren’t put across with so much humble charm.

Keckler’s tone is light and self-deprecating but never frivolous, and his vocal repertoire spans from lowbrow to highbrow without apology. His three-octave range puts him at the peaks of highbrow culture, but he moves to popular styles without missing a beat. Reflective and insightful, his writing draws on personal experience and a level of erudition that belies his age. Here is a renaissance man who wears his brilliance lightly; with a wink and a smile, he gently lifts the soul.

Joesph Keckler
Photo: Nick Williams


777 Columbia Street, New Westminster


January 26–27
75 minutes, no intermission

January 26
Anvil Centre

January 27
The Fox Cabaret (19+)


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January 26 at Anvil Centre
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January 27 at The Fox Cabaret
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