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Showing on January 17–21, 2018

Playing at Performance Works

Inside-Out Patrick Keating
Photo: Stephen-Malloy

Neworld Theatre (Canada)

Intelligent, articulate and gentle, actor Patrick Keating has been a mainstay of Vancouver’s independent theatre scene for years—not the kind of guy who leaps to mind when you hear the word “criminal.” You’d be hard pressed to imagine him robbing a bank, but that’s exactly what he once did, and in this enthralling production he breaks down his years as a repeat offender. His story is harrowing, but laced with wit and plenty of hard-earned wisdom.

This is a show in the finest tradition of the prison memoir—as riveting as fiction, but with the authenticity of documentary. Your notions of criminality will be shaken, perhaps broken altogether: with humility and integrity, Keating stands before us as the violation of a stereotype. Whether romanticized or vilified, lawbreakers play a central role in our social narrative, but rarely do we get to hear them speak for themselves. This is one chance you shouldn’t miss.

Delicately observed and thoroughly engaging… a vivid and necessary reminder that people in prison are, first and foremost, human beings.

The Georgia Straight

Inside-Out Patrick Keating
Photo: Ryan Alexander McDonald

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Artist Bio

Neworld Theatre (Canada)

Founded in 1995, Neworld Theatre is one of Vancouver’s leading performance companies. Their work is preoccupied with questions of difference, power and belonging. They also like to make people laugh. They tour nationally and internationally, and offer engagement programs to a wide variety of community- based networks. With co-producer Leaky Heaven Circus, they scored at the PuSh Festival in 2011 with Peter Panties.


Performance Works

1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


January 17–21
80 minutes, no intermission

7:00PM (January 17–20)
2:00PM (January 21)


Single tickets: $39
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Post-show talkback
Every performance

Accessible PuSh: Captioned performance
January 21, 2:00PM

WRITER, PERFORMER Patrick Keating DIRECTOR, DRAMATURG Stephen Malloy SOUND DESIGNER Noah Drew LIGHTING DESIGNER Jaylene Pratt STAGE MANAGER Sandy Cumberland SET, PROPS, COSTUME DESIGNER Barbara Clayden PRODUCER Neworld Theatre in association with Main Street Theatre and Urban Crawl