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The Making of Justice

Showing on January 16, 2018

Playing at Vancity Theatre

Still: Courtesy of the artist

Director: Sarah Vanhee (Belgium)

Seven men, each of them in jail for murder. We hear them speak, but their faces are concealed with blurry focus. In this chilling and provocative documentary the convicts work with director Sarah Vanhee to plot a crime film. Bringing their own experiences to the table, they present a connection to violence that no fiction film can claim. Obscured by the camera, they appear as living men but also as eerie abstractions—ideas made flesh. In Dutch with English subtitles.

Paired with Inside/Out.


Vancity Theatre

1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver


January 16
60 minutes



Single tickets: $13
Not eligible on the PuSh Pass

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$2 VIFF annual membership required (and can be purchased at the door).