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Keynote: Marcus Youssef

Showing on January 31, 2018

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Marcus Youssef
Photo: Simon Hayter

Industry Series

Bombast! Apocalypse! Clickbait! Live Performance in the Endless End Days

In a time when caustic triumphalism and endless cataclysm dominate our consciousness—and make very effective clickbait— Marcus Youssef’s keynote considers: collaboration and the productive value of conflict; why live performance might be an ideal place to work across perceptions of profound difference; generosity and the tyranny of status and competition; our responsibilities as stewards of a form that is simultaneously elitist and marginal; and our “industry” relationships and why they remain defined by rules bequeathed to us by the capitalist marketplace.

Marcus Youssef (King Arthur’s Night) is artistic director of Neworld Theatre and one of PuSh’s most esteemed “alumni,” having had four works previously at the Festival. Youssef is a formidable writer, thinker and activist whose work investigates questions of difference and “otherness.” His work is political, but also unflinchingly human.

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