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Asking for It (A One-Lady Rape about Comedy Starring her Pussy and Little Else)

Showing on January 18, 2019

Playing at ANNEX


Adrienne Truscott (USA)

Feisty, funny and very nearly naked, Adrienne Truscott stirs it up in this inventive, outrageous show about… rape. Stand-up comedy, dance, imagery and one very special whistle make up a show that elicits gasps, laughs and—make no mistake—some serious reflection on sexual politics, female agency and the ethics of humour.

When women seem to be gaining and losing ground on a daily basis, Truscott again gives us the insight of a woman who has been taking notes all along. —Bust Magazine

Boozing it up as she performs, Truscott nonetheless remains clearheaded enough to examine the intersection of sexual assault and comedy. Headshots of various comedians and politicians sit on tables—male malefactors lined up for a caustic takedown. The topics and targets are varied: from rape whistles to rapper Rick Ross, polka dots to pussy puppets, this woman aims her satirical arsenal far and wide—and hits every time. In this moment of increasing feminist expression, Asking for It lands with special force; bold, bracing and subversive, it’s comedy with a lethal edge.

This show precedes Adrienne Truscott’s A One-Trick Pony, which is a FREE performance.

Artist Bio

Adrienne Truscott (USA)

A supremely gifted comedian, performance artist and choreographer, Adrienne Truscott has made a splash in Edinburgh, Dublin and all across the USA, where Asking For It is included in some college curricula. She has also guest-taught at Bard College, Sarah Lawrence College and other institutions.



823 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC


January 18
70 minutes, no intermission



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