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L’Homme de Hus

Showing on February 1–2, 2019

Playing at Vancouver Playhouse


Camille Boitel (France)

An adventure for performer and audience alike, Camille Boitel’s raucous embodiment of the title character in this amazingly physical performance piece will have you laughing out loud one minute and staring in wonder the next. The premise is simple: Boitel wants to set up a table and chair, so he can face his audience. But in his skewed universe, nothing is simple. Everything—and we mean everything—goes horribly awry, as the acrobatic Boitel does existential battle with an ever-in creasing number of sawhorses determined to defeat him.

What is the starting point of clowning, where does it end? Is one necessarily a clown when making people laugh? —Culture Magazine

After starting as a funambulist in the circus, Boitel created the unforgettable character of L’Homme de Hus in 2002 as a man out-of-synch with himself who has a penchant for “disastrous and disastered” humour. His circus philosophy—“the insubordination of continuity, jubilation of imbalance, falling in love with vertigo…”—is an apt summary of the powerful, funny and poetic aspects of this amazing show.

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Artist Bio

Camille Boitel (France)

Camille Boitel is an acrobat, dancer, actor and musician. A street performer at the age of 12, he also received training at the prestigious Académie Fratellini; he is determined to leave his imprint on circus art. L’Homme de Hus marks Boitel’s return to PuSh, following the presentation of L’Immédiat in 2016.


Vancouver Playhouse

600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


February 1–2
60 minutes, no intermission



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SHOW BY Camille Boitel ORIGINAL IDEA Bénédicte Le Lamer, Camille Boitel LIGHTING Camille Boitel with the help of Laure Couturier FEATURING Camille Boitel, Silvère Boitel, Vincent Beaume, Guillaume Beguinot SPECIAL GUEST (CANADA TOUR) Kenzo Bernard CO-PRODUCERS 2015/16 Tandem Douai – Arras, L’Estive -Scène Nationale de Foix et de l’Ariège CO-PRODUCERS 2003 Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, L’entre-sort de Furies, Espace Périphérique, Cie Isis, l’Usine, La Cascade (APIAC), CIRCA, Système Friche Théâtre FUNDED BY Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Ile de France, Ville de Paris AGREEMENT of artistic and cultural permanency with Ile-de-France Region