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Showing on Jan 22–24

Playing at Western Front

Mike Bourscheid Exhibition
Photo: ©Luke Andrew Walker

Mike Bourscheid and Justine Chambers (Canada) Presented with Western Front


Six dancers, some very distinctive costumes and a set of unspoken rules; those are the basic elements of this performance, but listing them doesn’t begin to do justice to its humour, sophistication and originality. Idealverein is a game of sorts; it’s played in teams of three, and it involves a mixture of improv and strict rules. There are moments of grace, moments of awkwardness, moments that may elicit a guffaw…

And then there are the costumes, which dominate the stage and dictate much of the action: metal hardware, sausages, boiled eggs, lipstick, fake hair and much more have gone into their making, and they’re clearly the work of an original talent. The players wear large tan aprons and individually tailored footwear that serve to define their movements; these “costume-objects,” as their creator calls them, speak to the show’s fetishistic ritualism—and to its impish sense of fun.

Mike Bourscheid Exhibition
Photo: ©Luke Andrew Walker
Mike Bourscheid Exhibition
Photo: ©Luke Andrew Walker
Mike Bourscheid Exhibition
Photo: ©Luke Andrew Walker

Artist Bio

Mike Bourscheid

Mike Bourscheid’s work blurs the lines between design, sculpture and performance; he’s given to expressing gender fluidity and sending up macho, patriarchal norms. He has had the honour of representing Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale, and he has presented his work in the USA, Germany, Canada and elsewhere across the globe.

Justine A. Chambers

Justine A. Chambers is a dance artist based in the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. Her work stresses collaboration, empathy and the choreography that she sees in everyday social behaviour; it has taken her from Hong Kong to Pennsylvania, as well as many festivals and venues across Canada. 


Western Front

303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver


January 22–24
Artist Talk Jan 25 3PM
60 mins, no intermission



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Content Note: Includes use of scents.


DANCERS Alison Denham, Ed Spence, Ralph Escamillan, Erika Mitsuhashi, Germaine Koh, Kate Franklin CHOREOGRAPHY Justine Chambers, Mike Bourscheid COSTUMES AND PROPS Mike Bourscheid DIRECTOR Mike Bourscheid in collaboration with Western Front

SUPPORTED BY FOCUNA Luxembourg, Ministère de la culture Luxembourg, Western Front