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Soldiers of Tomorrow

Showing on Feb 3-5

Playing at Roundhouse Performance Centre

Duotone purple and beige photograph of two male figures, both with short hair and wearing military uniforms. Both are looking towards the camera, but the face in the foreground is pixelated. In the background are desert hills and partial views of other figures.

The Elbow Theatre (Canada)

Playwright and performer Itai Erdal writes of a day when his eight-year-old Israeli nephew came home from school with an empty box. It was to be filled with goods for soldiers on the frontlines, and in it the boy’s teacher had written, “To the soldiers of today from the soldiers of tomorrow.” Erdal was himself once a soldier in the Israeli Defence Force. It was an experience that led him to leave Israel for Canada, and on which he bases this piece.

Soldiers of Tomorrow, while inspired by real persons and events, is a work in which the characters and events are composites, but they speak to very real problems in the Middle East. Erdal revisits his time in the IDF so that he can share his experiences. In his guilt and anguish, one can see reflections of a nation in turmoil. Erdal is unafraid to criticize Israel–a country that he loves “with a broken heart.”

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. This play was developed with the support of the Caravan Farm Theatre and the Stratford Festival.

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Artist Bio

Itai Erdal

Itai Erdal is an award-winning lighting designer, performer and playwright. He is the founder of The Elbow Theatre, a company created to confront urgent social and political issues. With The Elbow Theatre, Erdal has staged Hyperlink, This Is Not a Conversation and A Very Narrow Bridge. He has won six Jessie Richardson Awards for his work.


Roundhouse Performance Centre

181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver


  • February 3: 7:30
  • February 4: 7:30
  • February 5: 2:00

Runtime: 75 min, no intermission

Post-show talkback: Feb 4

Content Advisory



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Written by Itai Erdal with Colleen Murphy Directed by Anita Rochon Performed by Itai Erdal Music Written and Performed by Emad Armoush Set design by Brian Ball Lighting design by Alan Brodie Stage Managed by Mandy Huang Barber Abed Slewa