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Monday Nights

Showing on Feb 6–9

Playing at Anvil Theatre

Richard Lee and Darrel Gamotin in Monday Nights
Photo: ©Taku Kumabe

6th Man Collective and The Theatre Centre (Canada)


“If you want to find a new way to channel your We The North spirit, check out Monday Nights.”

The Globe and Mail

Who you are on the court reveals who you are off the court; in this basketball-theatre mash-up, we invite you to lace up your sneakers and get in the game! Every Monday night for over a decade, five men came together to play basketball. Friendships were formed, bonds were strengthened; they shared each other’s victories and losses, triumphs and heartbreaks. The game became a refuge and they left it all on the court.

Born from those games, Monday Nights is an interactive basketball/theatre experience where those same men explore how a simple game can help us understand ourselves and connect to community. You’re invited to join them on the court, learn some skills and experience the power of the game firsthand. No matter your age, skill level or passion about basketball, get off the bench and get in the game. The ball’s in your court!

“It’s a good-natured entertainment… with plenty of excitement on the court. It also brings out a universal truth in human nature: once you’ve been assigned to a team, you can’t help cheering for it.”

National Post
The company of Monday Nights
Photo: ©Taku Kumabe
Byron Abalos, Richard Lee and Jeff Yung in Monday Nights
Photo: ©Taku Kumabe
Darrel Gamotin in Monday Nights
Photo: ©Taku Kumabe

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Artist Bio

6th Man Collective (Canada)

The 6th Man Collective formed in 2008, when a group of theatre pros began meeting at an outdoor basketball court in Toronto for Monday night games. Its founding members are Byron Abalos, Richard Lee, Darrel Gamotin, Colin Doyle and Sarah Miller; from b-ball skills to theatrical talents, all of them bring something unique to the court. 

The Theatre Centre

The Theatre Centre works with a mandate to foster the live arts, and in doing so it has nurtured, mentored and funded some of Canada’s greatest performers, playwrights, directors and performance companies. The organization seeks to provide opportunities to artists who push the boundaries of form; it embraces new media, dance, visual arts and more, recognizing their place in a truly inclusive, truly adventurous theatrical culture. 


Anvil Theatre

777 Columbia Street, New Westminster


February 6–8, 8PM
February 8–9, 2PM

140 mins, no intermission


Single tickets $39
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Content Note: Includes flashing lights.


CREATORS, PERFORMERS ​Byron Abalos, Colin Doyle, Darrel Gamotin, Richard Lee, Jeff Yung LIGHTING DESIGNER David DeGrow DEVELOPMENT COACHES James Long, Maiko Yamamoto SOUND DESIGNER Christopher Stanton PRODUCER Alexis Eastman TECHNICAL COACH Stephen O’Connell STAGE MANAGER Sarah Miller COLLECTIVE MEMBERS ​Byron Abalos, Colin Doyle, Darrel Gamotin, Richard Lee, Jeff Yung, Sarah Miller

DEVELOPED IN Residency at The Theatre Centre with additional development at Luminato 2019 as part of the Residents Project partnership FUNDED BY The Canada Council for the Arts, The Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, The Wuchien Michael Than Foundation, Residency’s lead sponsor, BMO Financial