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Selfie Concert

Showing on Feb 2-3

Playing at Left of Main

Imo Dimchev, who has short blonde hair, a dark moustache and tattooed torso, wears an open blue zip jacket and sings passionately into a microphone, arms in the air. He is surrounded by a cluster of audience members kneeling or sitting on the ground, who are taking selfies with the group.

Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria)

Ivo Dimchev invites you to a casual, communal concert–one which blithely steps over the traditional boundary between artist and audience. The idea is wonderfully simple: there is no stage, there is no hierarchy and there is no performance from Dimchev unless people are taking selfies with him. The singer-songwriter comes equipped with a synth, and requires nothing else besides his beautifully ethereal voice–and, again, those selfies.

The concept may be simple, but the motivation is not: Dimchev has evoked sculpture and choreography in defining it. For him, the selfie is a flexible entity, existing as both performance and recording, action and abstraction. Traceable to an individual and diffused through social media, it’s a device for spreading communion, as well as, most importantly, a reason to be physically close to each other. You may come for the beautiful ballads and stay for the selfies, or vice versa; either way, this concert is a revelatory experience.

Canadian Tour Partners: Mile Zero Dance Company, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

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Artist Bio

Imo Dichev

Ivo Dimchev works–and plays–at the intersection of performance art, choreography, theatre, images and music. The Bulgarian artist has created over 30 productions, and his oeuvre is a wild and vivacious mixture of forms. Dimchev has toured the globe and recorded three albums of delicious pop music: Trakia, Sculptures and a compilation of live recordings.


Left of Main

211 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2T


  • February 2: 8:00
  • February 3: 8:00

Runtime: 70 mins, no intermission

Content Advisory

Sexually explicit lyrics, camera flashes


Single Tickets: $34
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Idea, text and music by Ivo Dimchev Performed by Ivo Dimchev and the audience Production Humarts Foundation (Sofia – BG) Co-production ImPulsTanz (Vienna – AT), mumok (Vienna – AT) Management and Distribution Something Great (Berlin – DE)