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The Café

Showing on Feb 2-5

Playing at Online

Different choices of tea and coffee

Aphotic Theatre and ITSAZOO Productions in partnership with The Cultch’s RE/PLAY Digital Playground (Unceded Coast Salish Territories • MST)

Here is an invitation to be a voyeur, to eavesdrop on private conversations, to witness intimate relationships up close and personal. The Café invites audiences to explore seven vignettes by nine playwrights of various ethnicities, ages, beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities. This sold-out, critically lauded live production has now been transformed into an online immersive experience that allows audience members to wander through the virtual Café from home, using only a web browser.

With content performed in various languages, The Café is a day-in-the-life exploration of the cultural mosaic in a Vancouver coffee shop. Audience members are free to stay at one table and watch a scene reach its conclusion, but they can also take a journey around the virtual coffee shop and experience other scenes–it’s a theatrical Choose Your Own Adventure.

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Artist Bio


ITSAZOO Productions creates immersive, innovative theatre events; its aim is to bring audiences into fully realized worlds, and its core values are community and intimacy. Aphotic Theatre Society is dedicated to producing new plays by non-binary, queer, racialized, trans, and woman writers. Its mission is to decolonize and de-tokenize diversity. 




  • February 2 at Online
  • February 3 at Online
  • February 4 at Online
  • February 5 at Online

Runtime: 110 mins

Content Advisory

Adult content, strong language


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Captions Available

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The Plays 

Mango Cake by Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton, Father’s Day by Sebastien Archibald, 50 Cent Lemonade by Kelsey Kanatan Wavey, Submission by Fay Nass & Diana Garcia, Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks by Derek Chan, Anna’s Story by Manami Hara, Przyjaciółki by Anais West

Production Credits

Concept Fay Nass Direction Fay Nass & Chelsea Haberlin Dramaturgy Fay Nass & Sebastien Archibald Stage Management Jenny Kim Assistant Stage Manager Liam Kearns Production Management Paige Louter Associate Producer Claire Love Wilson Costumes Donnie Tejani Props and Digital Interaction Designer Ariel Slack Sound Piotr Wieczorek Virtual Tour Creator Kris Boyd Videographer Cameron Anderson Digital Production Support Pippa Mackie

Cast Meghan Hemingway (Mango Cake), Kwasi Thomas (Mango Cake), Joey Lespérance (Father’s Day), Ben Elliott (Father’s Day), Chelsea Rose (50 Cent Lemonade), Frankie Cottrell (50 Cent Lemonade), Montserrat Videla Samper (Submission), Jacqueline Korb (Submission), Melissa Oei (Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks), Alison Ward (Space Aliens and Tropical Ducks), Genevieve Fleming (Anna’s Story), Yumi Ogawa (Anna’s Story), Paloma Kwiatkowski (Przyjaciółki), Claire Love Wilson (Przyjaciółki)