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The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information

Showing on February 7

Playing at Western Front

DJ Who Gave Too Much Information performance
Photo: ©David Jacques

PME-ART (Canada)


“[A] charmer of a performance… The stories were funny and touching and the selections got the audience to get down and dance. The following evening, the general audience was invited to… bring in their own stories and songs, and the participants’ enthusiasm made happy hour that much happier.”


One turntable and dozens of records, each one with a story behind it. That’s the simple premise of PME-ART’s party performance; it’s all about the ways in which music helps to organize our memories, beliefs and perceptions. Romantic triumphs and catastrophes, moments of political awakening, tearful valedictions… so many events in our lives are tied to a particular tune.

At this event, audiences can listen, reflect, reminisce; they can have a drink at the bar; they can enter and leave as they please. The artists are keeping it casual—all the better to loosen up the mind. Some songs will get a laugh, some may provoke a tear or two; as for the stories, they run the gamut from entertaining anecdotes to accounts of epiphany.

“[A] surprising, joyful and refreshing performance… The protagonists of The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information analyze with humour, inventiveness, finesse and sensitivity the particular relationship that each of us has with music.”

Dance from the Mat
DJ Who Gave Too Much Information performance record player and feet
Photo: ©David Jacques
DJ Who Gave Too Much Information performance
Photo: ©David Jacques
DJ Who Gave Too Much Information performance
Photo: ©Sonnet J Blanton (SJB)

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Artist Bio

PME-ART (Canada)

PME-ART is a loose collective of artists who practise many disciplines; what unites them is an engagement with the ethics of collaboration. The group’s projects are a negotiation between structure and spontaneity, and have involved literature, visual art, music and more, often in very creative combinations. 


Western Front

303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver


February 7
180 mins, no intermission



Single tickets $15
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Stairs: There are two flights of stairs to reach the performance space. Unfortunately there is no elevator.

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CREATORS, PERFORMERS Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello, Jacob Wren CREATORS, COLLABORATORS Marie Claire Forte, Adam Kinner

CO-PRODUCERS PME-ART & FFT (Düsseldorf) IN COLLABORATION WITH Studio 303 (Montréal), Noorderzon Festival (Groningen) SUPPORTED BY the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, Kunststiftung NRW (Germany)