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Things I Shouldn’t Tell You / Portrait of My DNA

Showing on Feb 8

Playing at Central Studios

Crystal Precious
Photo: ©Cody Clyburn

Crystal Precious (Canada) / House of La Douche (Canada)

Crystal Precious (Canada)

This cabaret extravaganza throws new tracks from local dancer, diva and rapper Crystal Precious in with striptease, standup, musical parody and stories from a life lived on the burlesque circuit. Visually, it’s a fantasy mash-up of various retro styles, and the sonic backdrop ranges from two-step to trip hop. Beats come courtesy of local favourites such as Darren Woodhead and Self Evident; guest dancers include Subscura and House of La Douche. Sexy, scandalous and soulful as hell, this is self-revelation put across with finesse—a performance in the finest hip hop tradition.

House of La Douche
Photo: ©Shawn Kim

House of La Douche (Canada)

Look at us: conflicted, constricted, still suffering under the yoke of sexually repressive mores. Here comes House of La Douche to the rescue, with drag, dance and the subversive power of the spoken word in their arsenal. This crew has a mandate to entertain, to arouse and—above all, and for the love of humanity—to liberate. To that end, they bring their stories, their bodies and their all-out diva-vibe fabulousness to the audience; the result is a diverse display of sexuality and an artistic sensibility based on the notion that eros should fly free. Expect wild waacking, vogue lessons, verbal virtuosity, sexy strutting and an overarching spirit of uplift.

Artist Bio

House of La Douche (Canada)

Founded in 2006 by Jojo Zolina, House of La Douche is on a mission to bolster creativity and innovation in the queer arts scene. The group has seen the bright lights of Las Vegas and been documented on CNN, but fame will never change them: they’re down-and-dirty fighters for freedom, beauty and pride.


A founding member of neo-troupe Sweet Soul Burlesque, Crystal Precious shines as an MC, dancer and storyteller. For 15 years, she’s made moves in Vancouver’s underground hip hop and burlesque spaces, acting as a rebuke to sexism, misogyny and fat-phobia in the city’s nightlife culture.


Central Studios

856 Seymour St, Vancouver


February 8

Followed by free closing night party at 10pm


Single tickets $25
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