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What You Won’t Do For Love

What You Won't Do For Love performance image collage

“[Why Not Theatre] have earned their voice at the centre of Canada’s cultural landscape and are using it powerfully.”

Toronto Star

They’ve researched, they’ve taught, they’ve publicized, they’ve protested… but above all, they’ve loved—each other and the planet. Drs. David Suzuki and Tara Cullis are activists and life partners, and on this special evening, they take the opportunity to share with us a lifetime of stories. This workshop presentation is a casual, conversational piece of theatre, powered by the warmth and affability of the couple, but it carries with it a message of the utmost importance.

The bonds of family, the excitement and frustrations of advocacy, the motivating force of love itself: these and more are explored onstage, all in the interest of energizing the audience. The question Suzuki and Cullis put forth is whether or not we can love the planet the way we love those closest to us—friends, partners, family. Here are two generous, committed people who fell in love with each other and with Earth. Can we learn from their example?


777 Columbia Street, New Westminster


February 4
45-60 mins (approx), no intermission



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Low Vision Friendly Introduction Will Be Available at the Theatre


WRITERS, PERFORMERS Dr. Tara Cullis, Dr. David Suzuki CREATORS Ravi Jain, Dr. Tara Cullis, Dr. David Suzuki DIRECTOR Ravi Jain ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Miriam Fernandes SET DESIGN Camellia Koo PROJECTION DESIGN Jamie Nesbitt SOUND DESIGN AND ORIGINAL MUSIC Meg Roe LIGHTING DESIGN Conor Moore ARTISTIC ASSOCIATE Kevin Matthew Wong STAGE MANAGER Duston Baranow-Watts PRODUCTION MANAGER Mitchell Ingram PRODUCER Kevin Matthew Wong

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