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PuShy Questions with Colin Doyle from Monday Nights

January 10, 2020

Colin Doyle is a creator and performer of Monday Nights (6th Man Collective), showing at the Anvil Centre from February 6-9. For tickets and more information, click here.

1) What motivates your work as an artist?

What motivates me is telling good, impactful stories. My hope is to share something that has the chance to make someone feel something.

2) What does being part of PuSh 2020 represent for you?

Being a part of PuSh and sharing this piece in Vancouver was a BIG goal of mine. British Columbia has a rich basketball history with it being home to a two time MVP (all hail Captain Canuck and Hall of Famer, Steve Nash!), an incredible basketball collegiate school (SFU), as well as the one time home of a NBA franchise (RIP Grizzlies). Our last iteration of the piece at LUMINATO had us working for the first time with who we called our ‘development coaches’, Theatre Replacement (and recent Siminovitch Prize winners) Maiko Yamamoto and James Long. They did not get to see the show fully open, running and gunning, and sharing with them what they helped us to discover is pretty great. I am excited to be back and working with Franco Boni. He has been SUCH an incredible supporter of the piece and to be here as part of his inaugural season is a thrill and an honour.

3) Is there anything you want audiences to keep in mind while experiencing your show?

YES! Bring your SNEAKERS! This is our first time doing the show during the winter months (which basketball was originally created for, to have something to do during those long, cold Canadian winters). Since the audience has the opportunity to play with us, should they so choose, it would be great if they had the best footwear to do so. I know that some people find audience participation to be the absolute worst, and I get that, but with this show all we ask is that you be open because you never know what you might find. That and to have fun! #WETHENORTH

4) How might we see PuSh 2020 themes of subversion or vulnerability reflected in the work?

Vulnerability is a big part of our show. I know that the performers are playing themselves and speaking truthfully and honestly about the things that have gone on in their lives. We hope that the audience can be open and there for us too on any given night–it’s a pretty great exchange. I find it similar to the highs and lows that go along with people and sport (eg, WE The NORTH and a million person parade celebrating our NBA Champions!)

5) What other PuSh show would you most like to see?

I would say anything that has Theatre Replacement’s name attached to it. d’bi young is a good friend from waaaay back and she is someone who I ALWAYS want to see onstage (and ideally off if I can catch her for a coffee and a chat). If we are not tech-ing late into the night I would love to see What You Won’t Do for Love because I love to hear how people pursue and treat love — I think hearing how that energy could be put towards the planet is a good question to ask. Anita Rochon is someone I met while working at the Caravan and her work is always pretty cool. And I know and love the guys from 2b Theatre so I will no doubt go and check that show out as I missed it’s sold out run in Toronto.

6) What qualities do you most admire in other artists?

This keeps changing for me but, currently I really admire great leaders and how they lead. This might seem like a giant name drop but people like Franco and Ravi Jain (Why Not Theatre), Nina Lee Aquino (Factory Theatre), Marjorie Chan (Theatre Passe Muraille), Aislinn Rose (Theatre Centre), Mitchell Cushman (Outside the March), Pablo Felices Lunba (MTYP) and Courtnay Dobbie (Studio 58, Caravan Farm Theatre) to name just a few, these are people that lead by example. They work hard and they do their absolute best to try to get as many great artists involved to do great work while having fun. They listen. They love. They give everything and give their full support all while being at the forefront. They are relentless game changers and I admire and am grateful to them for all that they do.

7) Any advice for emerging artists?

Listen as much as you can. Ask questions. If you have someone whose work you admire don’t hesitate to take them out for a coffee or pick their brains on just how they do what they do. I think mentorship is awesome, and sadly some of the arts programming that helped foster and support this is getting cut. If you can find any and all different ways to mentor with someone, do it!

8) What do you do when you’re not working or making art?

I play basketball! (Which later turned into working/making art) I love watching movies and keeping up with good TV, books, and theatre. I really like spending quality time with my friends and my fiancée.

9) What about Vancouver most entices you?

So much! My fiancée Katherine Cullen is from Vancouver. Having worked at the Caravan Farm Theatre for 3 seasons and Chemainus Theatre for one season I love coming to Vancouver to see friends and now family. Katherine has a niece who was born not too long ago so it will be nice to meet her. I would love to see Little Mountain Improv (I love Tim Carlson!) and maybe take a ferry ride with Captain Thirsty aka Mike Wasko down near Granville Island. The people, the sushi, a walk in Stanley Park… I want it all!

10) What is your biggest art-making wish or fantasy (if money were no object)?

My biggest wish for Monday Nights would be to take it internationally. Basketball is played by 450 million people worldwide (compared to 2 million who play hockey). I feel that the play and our story is something that could resonate with anyone, anywhere. We have had interest from the NBA and NBA Canada in the show and I would just want to take this story around and see how other countries take to it. I think it would just be a lot of fun to play, listen, and learn with audiences worldwide.

For tickets and more information on Monday Nights, click here.

Colin Doyle is an award winning actor and theatre producer that is born and raised in Toronto with stops in New York and Los Angeles. He is a core member of The 6th Man Collective (Byron Abalos, Darrel Gamotin, Richard Lee, Sarah Miller, and Jeff Yung). He is a graduate of York University’s Acting Conservatory programme.  He has had the good fortune of performing all across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He is a big fan of the Toronto Raptors and can be found celebrating their championship currently and is also engaged to the greatest gal this planet ever produced. For his work on stage, screen and radio feel free to visit his website at www.colindoyle.ca.