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Blind Cinema

Showing on January 24–February 1, 2018

Playing at Vancity Theatre

Blind Cinema
Photo: Maria Baranova

Britt Hatzius (England/Germany)

From theatre artist Britt Hatzius, here’s a chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Audience members are seated in a theatre, with a row of children behind them, and together they experience a movie. The film has no dialogue and audience members are blindfolded, with the children describing to them in whispers. It’s a mischievous experiment in storytelling, reversing the traditional power dynamic between adults and children.

In this collaboration between adult and child, there are layers of mediation the film moves through; it transforms as it passes from one mind to another. Sight, then speech, then hearing—with each step something is lost. But much more is gained: a bond of trust, the chance to join forces across an age gap, a great widening of the imagination. At the movies, we watch with the lights off. Here the darkness is doubled, and so is the power to dream—to use the silver screen within.

[A] fascinating meditation on observation, entertainment and shared experience. And her performers are exceptional.

—The Portland Mercury

Blind Cinema
Photo: Simon Arazi

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Vancity Theatre

1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver


January 24–25, 31–February 1
40 minutes, no intermission



Single tickets: $28
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CREATOR, DIRECTOR Britt Hatzius DRAMATURG Ant Hampton FILM Britt Hatzius, Simon Arazi, Maxim, Boris Belay TECHNICAL DESIGNER, PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Maria Koerkel, Geert Aertsen CHILDREN’S WORKSHOP COORDINATOR Robert Leveroos CREATIVE PRODUCER Katja Timmerberg CO-PRODUCED BY Vooruit, Beursschouwburg, Bronks Theatre