Deborah Pearson (England)

History History History

January 30, 2018

Film Series
Photo: Paul Blakemore
History History History

At the centre of Deborah Pearson’s show is a Soviet-sponsored sports comedy. Released in the 1950s, it became tied to a political uprising that made a mark on world history. Using the film as material, Pearson creates a live documentary onstage. Her words form a counterpoint to the movie, fusing the political, the historical and the achingly personal. Riveting, haunting and ultimately inspiring, this live performance is a wonder to behold.

The show’s poignant humanity, its bittersweet reflections on the relentlessness of time and its potent blend of uplifting possibility and heartrending pathos make for an enchanting 90 minutes.

–The Fix Magazine


History History History
Photo: Paul Blakemore



1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver


January 30
90 minutes, no intermission



$2 VIFF annual membership required.

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