Dickie Beau (England)

Dickie Beau: Unplugged

January 19–20, 2018

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Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Dickie Beau Unplugged

Versatile, vivacious and flamboyant, Dickie Beau is a drag artist extraordinaire, whose lip-synch playback performances have helped update the drag show tradition. A true innovator, he employs miming techniques and uses found sound to create hauntingly beautiful effects. This creative alchemy has made him a major force in contemporary theatre. Here the troubadour’s mask drops, and we get to know the real Dickie. Speaking in his own voice, he dishes on his artistic journey and lays bare his technique. Call it a one-man variety show.

Discussing his love of drag, recorded sound and more, the virtuoso performer makes them shine anew. This evening of theatre is as enlightening as it is entertaining, with disquisitions on ancient Greek culture and the aesthetics of democracy, among other things. It’s a great survey of Beau’s work, sure to delight fans and make converts of the rest.

Dickie Beau Unplugged
Photo: Courtesy of the artist


777 Columbia Street, New Westminster


January 19–20
70 minutes, no intermission

January 19
The Fox Cabaret (19+)

January 20
Anvil Centre


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January 19 at The Fox Cabaret
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January 20 at Anvil Centre
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