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100 Keyboards

Showing on January 19, 2019

Playing at Russian Hall


ASUNA (Japan)

In this captivating performance, sound artist ASUNA takes battery-powered, analogue keyboards and uses them to create waves of overlapping notes: the Moiré effect of superimposed patterns, here used musically. The instruments are placed in the performance space in concentric circles, each with a stick pressing down on a single key to sustain its sound. As each electronic note joins the others, the effect is choral—unceasing voices in a fluid mass of beautiful noise.

How it all sounds varies depending on where you are, but everyone will feel the music slowly build to a climax. The experience of seeing minimalism grow into its opposite one single note at a time is sublime; the layers of complexity increase with every added note, and every moment is a change. In this performance, one stands before a wave of sounds that builds and builds without ever crashing.

The substance of Japanese performance artist ASUNA’s work exists in both the material and the ephemeral. —music.com.au


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Artist Bio

ASUNA (Japan)

He began as a prodigy musician in the late 90s, and ASUNA has since gone on to become a major force in the world of experimental electronic music. From albums to installations to site-specific works, his prolific output is changing the face of his genre, both in Japan and in the global community.


Russian Hall

600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver


January 19
90 minutes, no intermission

4PM, 8PM


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