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Showing on January 18, 2019

Playing at Performance Works


Tetsuya Umeda (Japan)

The wildly inventive Tetsuya Umeda uses tin cans, dry ice, bowls, hot plates and more to create an experience so beguiling and unique as to redefine those very objects. The rhythm of dripping water, melodic air vibrato, mechanical groans and much more make up his music; pulsing electric light and wall projection by most unconventional means make up some of his visuals. What looks like an elaborate science project onstage is actually a system for generating wonders.

Tetsuya Umeda’s installations are as much about the sounds, as they are about the arrangement of everyday items he uses. Umeda’s main work is the object’s performance, which he helps orchestrate, but is never in control of. —The Japan Times

Umeda’s way with objects is rooted in science and low-level technology; what’s amazing, and in fact quite funny, about his work is the rejection of traditional purpose. As far as this show is concerned, water is for percussion and visual distortion, pipes are wind instruments and megaphones are for guttural utterances. You could call it a magic show—except that the devices are laid bare. Seeing is believing, and this show must be seen to be believed.

Artist Bio

Tetsuya Umeda (Japan)

Resourceful and ceaselessly inventive, Japanese artist Tetsuya Umeda has for years been creating installations and performances by repurposing objects and deploying them to highly eccentric ends. Often operating outside of the gallery environment, he has collaborated with artists in various mediums, including music and theatre.


Performance Works

1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


January 18
45 minutes, no intermission



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PERFORMER Tetsuya Umeda MANAGER Yuki Tanaka