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Showing on Jan 28-Feb 1

Playing at Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

Partial view of two people, shot through the shelves of a library. One person holds a device up to the ear of another.

Adam Kinner & Christopher Willes (Canada)

MANUAL is a one-on-one experience that turns a public library into a space of sensory encounter and heightened awareness. Participants arrive on site with instructions to meet a guide; from there they’re silently led through a series of actions, following written notes and immersive audio in headphones. They walk through the space and listen together, they look at books and read to each other, sensations combine and blur… As the piece progresses, the materials encountered come to form a manual for slowing down.

What this experience offers is a chance to renew your sense of place and presence. As you intermingle with the daily life of the library, the piece will bring you to a deeply enriched state of perception. Through a carefully guided process, MANUAL stages a meditation on the library as a space of connection and awareness.

Created with the support of: Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Ontario Arts Council, Festival TransAmériques (Les Respirations), and LA SERRE – arts vivants.

Creation residencies: Take Me Somewhere (UK), LA SERRE – arts vivants (Montréal).

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Artist Bio

Adam Kinner & Christopher Willes

Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes create performances that explore unusual states of sensory awareness. Their work is often staged in public spaces, and informed by an interest in immersive sound, listening, audience perspective and the possibilities of participatory art. Kinner and Willes created MANUAL in collaboration with Hanna Sybille Müller.


Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver


  • January 28: 11:40-6 (every 20 mins)
  • January 29: 11:40-6 (every 20 mins)
  • January 30: 11:40-6 (every 20 mins)
  • January 31: 11:40-6 (every 20 mins)
  • February 1: 11:40-6 (every 20 mins)

Note: One patron per time slot

Runtime: 40 mins, no intermission


Free (registration required; one patron per time slot)

Sold Out


Icon signalling a low vision friendly performance

Accessible to patrons who are partially sighted - see below

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Extra live (always relaxed)

This experience requires people being able to read some handwritten notes.


Creation Christopher Willes and Adam Kinner Dramaturgy Hanna Sybille Müller Performers: Adam Kinner, Christopher Willes, Hanna Sybille Müller, Alexa Mardon Sound contributions from Michael Davidson, Colin Fisher, Thomas Gill, Terri Hron, Philippe Lauzier, Germaine Liu, Philippe Melanson Karen Ng, and Felicity Williams Production assistance Camille Lacelle-Wilsey and Mulu Tesfu